A pre-habilitation plan is a way for individuals, groups and teams to implement exercises and activities to help the body to grow accustomed to the various forces that may cause injury as well as improving areas such as balance, strength, mobility and other tapered aspects to prevent injury from occurring.

Prehab normally occurs at the beginning or early stages of a season or into a new timeframe of training. This is to allow for enough time for changes to occur so that the prehab and normally scheduled training feed off of one another to allow for long-term and beneficial changes that will lead to a reduction in injuries as well as improvements in rehab if injuries do occur.

Our programmes implement a number of areas of focus as well as being tapered for the specific types of physical loads that a person will go through. Be it balance, proprioception, strength, mobility or the interaction of a number of these factors to mirror the activities that would be experienced. Each plan is made to aid training and with consistent use and implementation to prevent injuries as well as cause performance improvements.