Neck Pain

The causes of neck pain are numerous and varied and the underlying cause may not be evident from X-ray or MRI tests. Neck pain can be influenced by many factors e.g. occupation, sport, hobbies, lifestyle, previous surgery or injuries. Often more than one factor is responsible, therefore a multidimensional and holistic approach to treatment is required.

There are many forms of neck pain, most commonly an acute wry neck, postural neck syndrome, whiplash or arthritis of the facet joints. Pain can refer from the upper regions of the neck if inflamed or injured and present as a headache.

There are many causes of neck pain, most common to present to physiotherapy is an injury to the soft tissue, namely muscles, ligaments, fascia, the facet joints of the vertebrae or the disc itself.

At Bray Physiotherapy, we take a thorough history to determine the exact location of the pain, it’s aggravating and easing factors and mechanism of onset. A physical examination includes assessment of movement, detection of spasm, stiffness, pain and tenderness in the muscles and joints of the comparable area. A neurological examination is performed if nerve root irritation is described.