Mobility is the ability to move or be moved freely and easily.

Our classes aim to focus on growing the strength, range and functionality in these ranges. Our classes aim at not just increasing a person range of movement for the sake of it but to make sure they gain the range that they require for the activities and health benefits that come from it as well as obtaining and maintaining the strength while in those ranges to make it functional and beneficial in both activities and the reduction of possible injuries.

The way in which we have the classes laid out is based off body area to make sure of localised improvements on a smaller scale that allow for the improvement in larger-scale movement, strength and performance. This then moves on to while body mobility and tapered mobility which is mobility to aid in specific types of activities or to aid in issues that may be causing health issues as a result of a build-up of pressure as a result of reduced of lack of range or the possibility of improving both health and performance through increasing the range of movement available to us to aid in the reduction of post-activity pain or injuries.

These classes are also available online, check out my Facebook or Instagram for class times.