Event care is the direct and indirect medical interaction between therapist/medical staff and athlete/competitors.

It is split between independent interactions in events we are in charge of ourselves as well as events in which we cover on behalf of Festimed. Event Care involves either the interaction be direct or indirect in the preparatory phase of an event between the therapist and athlete or individual about to partake in the event e.g. Dublin Marathon, Ironman 70.3 etc. It also involves the aftercare that may be necessary as a result of the massive exertion of energy many people will produce during these one-off events.

This ranges massively from checking people for their blood pressure, glucose levels, SPO2 levels and referring them forward if fluids are required to full injury consultations where an athletes history and cause of their injury be it a previous issue or acute during the event as well as initial care and planning.

Event care often means the interaction and transfer of skills from various health professionals acting as different levels to allow a participant to be treated and cared for in the safest of manners. From Therapists, EMT’s, AP’s, Nurses and Doctors event care allows for a rare platform where all levels of healthcare are on show.