Product Review: Muscle Mender

I’m back with another product review. This time I am talking about Massage Guns from Muscle Mender. I was gifted one of these as a Christmas present – nice timing considering I am still recovering from an ACL surgery and doing hands on work on your own legs isn’t exactly the easiest! Muscle Mender is a muscle or massage gun that uses high velocity but low impact contact to help release tension or pressure in soft tissue areas. Like many other muscle guns, the concept is simple but its appearance is very slick, with a simple control and speed screen on the handle of the gun. Plus they are an Irish Company – it’s always good to support small local businesses!

It comes with a variety of head attachments, being denser, larger or pronged to be able to use virtually all over the body. Obviously you need to be conscious of avoiding bone as from my professional perspective I don’t recommend it. The tempo and impact at no point feels uncomfortable unless done over a tender, injured or bony area. It handles well and the power doesn’t decrease when a small amount of pressure is applied, unlike other massage guns. It can be used over large areas to apply soft tissue work in a quick time so is useful for recovery or with teams when time is limited. It is also very simple to use and can be thought to someone so they can use it themselves if they are educated as to how to use it. If you feel you need more than what the gun can provide please feel free to drop me a message here.




If teams are interested in buying them I know they do wholesale and bulk orders over on their website. The price is fairly reasonable and they go on sale every now and again – keep an eye out on their Instagram @MuscleMender. I have found it easy enough to clean the attachments and I know that there is probably a chance to order more if you are stuck. Hygiene is very important in this business!


I don’t believe it will replace a Certified Athletic Therapist, or physiotherapist, using their hands, which we do for a majority of soft tissue work. Nor do I think it will be as accurate, but for speed and efficiency, it really helps. Especially on people with a lot more muscle, who can be harder to work on, I think it kind of loosens people up on a superficial level before you have to go in with your hands. I would say that I have gotten the most use out of using it on myself. I think it’s a great tool to aid therapists when your hands are tired or your client wants work on a superficial level – some people come into my clinic just for massages when they are achy form their daily activities.


Aesthetic: ⅘. Handling: ⅘. Cost: ⅘. Necessity: ⅗. Quality: ⅘.

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