T-Spine Mobility and Its Importance

Your T-Spine or Thoracic spine is the largest section of our spines. It is where our ribs and spine are interconnect as well as where nearly all trunk movement pivots upon. It connects our upper and lower extremities and is a passage way for forces that go through our bodies as well as protecting the contents of the thoracic cavity.

Our T-Spines are not very mobile as they are not suppose to be, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to stand upright and the contents between or ribs and T-Spine wouldn’t be protected. At the same time movement in relation to the limbs and joints attached to the T-Spine while it moves laterally, anteriorly and expands aids to force dispersal from the upper extremities of our bodies and the transferal of forces into our lower extremities.

The movements shown in the video (by Squat University) above can help with T-Spine mobility and stability which often is neglected with the other sections of the spine being concentrated on. Spine mobility as a whole are often neglected but as can be seen in the video it is very important even in something such as olympic lifts.

T-Spine mobility is a key to helping with many other functional strengths in our bodies. It can aid in shoulder functionality and chest mobility, lumbar strength and hip mobility. Often something overlooked it can at times help with the full functionality of many other and integral parts to our bodies.

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