Pigeon Stretch

Hey guys,

My first blog post on my brand new website, which was kindly brought to me by www.michellemcinerney.com. Work is still ongoing, but there’s no time like the present to recycle the past. Below might look familiar if you follow my Facebook Page. And if you don’t, click here and give us a like 🙂

Around this time of year, the holiday season, maybe peoples bodies don’t feel as good as the mood of the season itself. A lot of us are running around, driving for hours, standing and then sitting for hours on end without getting a chance to take care of ourselves. The New Year has rolled ’round and all the promises are being made.

This video (shared from @fitnessguydublin) is just a way to stretch out your glutes and piriformis, taking a little stress away from your upper legs and lower back. A solid block like the bench used can help those who don’t have the balance of range to do it in standing or on a mat. It’s quick and easy and will help those who are stuck in one position for extended periods of time, be it at a desk or sat watching Netflix.

More to follow!

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