Increasing Mobility using Voodoo Bands

A somewhat controversial topic at times to due many peoples views on the use of voodoo bands in relation to improving mobility. This is often due to certain ways in which they are used or to what extent. Mobility bands or Voodoo bands originally came into practice through body building.

They were originally used to provide  an increase in pressure, to the active joint, to allow for a greater degree of movement, especially while their tissues are loaded. Within the body building world they are often also used to provide a hypertrophic effect to grow on the surrounding tissue. 

They became popular in their use amongst athletes and therapists a like. Similar to the application of pressure by an external individual in PNF the bands allow for a greater degree of movement through compression, tension and movement.  These often increase joint mobility, decrease pain, and speed up recovery through myofascial release, occlusion and reactive hyperemia, and joint centralisation.

Certain athletes can at times use the bands to increase their mobility to an unsafe degree in relation to their sport but as a whole it is often an incredibly useful way in which people can increase their mobility and reduce pain due to a reduction of tension in tissues and an ease of movement. The video shows the use of bands for ankle mobility and draining of excess fluid.

At the same time all aspects to Voodoo bands are not necessarily viable. Many use them for neural flossing but the compression itself can act more as a placebo effect reducing a persons ability to fully experience the pain. However as a whole for the benefits they can provide especially to those who are very immobile they are an essential tool.

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