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ConsultationThis is advised for new clients. Includes assessment of issues, manual therapy, rehabilitation plan, strength and mobility work as well as future planning to return to normal activities.€65.00
Return VisitContinued work on prevailing issues, or new injuries etc as well as continued rehabilitation and manual therapy.€60.00
Sports MassageMassage to help prevent injuries, prepare the body for athletic activity and maintain it in optimal condition, and to help individuals recover from workouts and injuries.€35.00
Functional Mobility ClassesSmall group classes aimed at improving your mobility and building areas of the body disadvantaged by your everyday life.€25.00 per class or 6 classes for €150
Pitch-Side AssistancePreparation of players/athletes prior to match/event, prevention and immediate care in event of injury. Assessment of athletes prior to activity.From €90.00
Event AssistancePlease get in touch directly at
From €100.00